The eternal confusion of the identified mind…

In October and November, we are looking at expression and authenticity in a course called VOICE.

It is designed to get to grips with all aspects of communication that don’t sit well with us.

Why do we lie, pretend, hold ourselves back, stay silent, talk too much, get offended, hide our work, procrastinate, avoid criticism or risk…?

In other words, what obstructs our truth?

What limits the expansion of our work, presence, capacity in the world?

What creates so much stress or suffering that withdrawal, pretence or conflict seems to be the only possibilities available…?

We are going to consider how each of us is a unique expression of life in form. Incomparable. Indescribable. A miracle of being, doing, speaking, creating.

And how this unique expression is experienced through the conditioning of the mind.

A conditioning that has created:

a concept of ourselves, our value, our worth, our identity

a perception of other people, what they think and do, how we compare to them

a belief that what we create, do and say is an extension of that self identity

As long as this conditioned belief structure remains unquestioned then it will govern the experience of ourselves in the world. It will limit and distort the information that enters the system and it will limit and distort the words, creations and actions that are produced by the system.

This is often an incredibly stressful experience. This concept of ourselves cannot be secured or made worthy or valuable… because it is only a concept. It is not reality. It is a thought-created representation, that exists only in imagination in that moment.

But we try so hard to secure it through our behaviour. And we cannot. More stress and suffering results in more attempts to secure the identity.

This is where lying, pretending, hiding, avoiding, not listening, reacting come in.

We get further and further away from the truth of what we are and our behaviour gets more and more aligned to protecting and defending an idea.

And the way to stop this vicious circle? The way to liberate the authentic, honest voice? The way to expand through our work, our expression…?

Notice what’s going on. Witness the creations of mind. Be present to the stress of trying to secure something that isn’t securable.

We will spend 2 months doing just this from 1 October 2021 through different exercises, approaches, questions and suggestions. For more information, click here.

Hope to see you there.



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