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 Regularly listening to a subliminal recording that subconsciously re-orientates the mind-brain-body-emotional system to reality can have a transformative effect. The response from the hundreds of people that have used the subliminals I have recorded has been dramatically enthusiastic.

My background is in psychology, linguistics, communications, NLP, hypnosis, yoga and guided meditation. This, combined with the thousands of hours of conversations I’ve had to guide people back to the truth of who they are, is allowing me to create very powerful recordings that speak directly to the subconscious in the cleanest possible and most direct language.

You can choose a personal subliminal, or if they are out of your price range, there are also versions recorded for everyone and related to different aspects of life are so very powerful.

You can choose the topic area and the audio sound you prefer from the options below.

Upon receipt of payment, the recording will be delivered to you via our online portal where you can download the content.

Which aspect of life would you like to focus on? :

REAL: the truth of you

This subliminal is the foundation. It speaks to what the mind-brain-body-emotional system really knows, what it knows underneath all the conditioned learning. It is a reminder that our truth is presence, aliveness, infinite potential,  amplifying the understanding of what we are. Beliefs and thoughts that do not resonate with this innate truth will fall away. The energy exhausted in trying to solve the unsolvable problems of thought will be redirected to the flourishing of the system. 

for £97 +VAT

WELL: settling into perfect health

This recording is designed to realign mental and physical health with the thriving intelligence of life. Old toxic habits will fall away. The recording is focused on aligning all behaviours to support the healthiest, most vibrant expression of life in form. It includes suggestions related to nourishment and hydration, perfect rest and sleep, activity that strengths and tones the body and promotes balance and flexibility, and cultivating and enjoying close personal relationships and social interactions.

for £97 +VAT

WORK : ease and expression

This recording is designed to settle the mind into the pure creativity and intelligence of life itself. As the mind shifts from identification with its own creations, it becomes recognised for the super power it really is. Instead of living and battling within the stories of mind, the attention is turned to the constant stream of ideas, the alchemy that each of us represents and the unique expression that results.

for £97 +VAT

SAFE : using fear, anxiety, stress and phobias to find our way home

Our stress response has developed because the fear of our physical survival crossed over to the survival of the idea of self. In other words the mind and body have continued this learned pattern of fear even when it serves no purpose and is in fact detrimental to health and restrictive to the way of living. This recording is designed to rewire the learned response to fear. It will allow the mind-brain-body-emotional system to return to reality rather than continually fighting its own projections. 

for £97 +VAT


All Relationships

Relationships are the emotive space in which the deepest beliefs about the self and others subconsciously run the show. On-going resistance, resentment, conflict, withdrawal and insecurity keep the patterns and beliefs in place. This recording is designed to support the healing of the childhood traumas and wounds that manifest in unhappy relationships. It will support you in remaining present to the actual reality of the person rather than reacting to past imprints and in owning your deepest needs.

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End of Addictions

Addictions come from the temporary relief they offer from everything that causes suffering - difficult situations and relationships, unwanted emotions and mental states, a critical inner voice, self blame etc. This temporary relief makes the suffering seem worse creating a greater need for relief. This subliminal supports you in ending that cycle by unveiling the presence, capacity and intelligence of your being. 

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Healthy Eating

The body is literally made of the food and drink that it consumes and the mind is the product of the body. Eating in a way that nourishes the physical, mental and emotional systems is the foundation of vitality, strength and health. This subliminal supports you in sitting in the discomfort of cravings until they pass and in turning the attention and curiosity to finding the food that will promote a flourishing system. 

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Money & Financial Abundance

Our beliefs about money, self-worth and need are formed from a very early age. Through our life time, these beliefs reinforce themselves as reality is experienced through the subconscious lens. This subliminal is designed to dissolve acquired beliefs and to allow the mind body system to be in the reality of abundance - learning, creating, offering, receiving feedback. 

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Relax & Align

A deep relaxation audio recording for before bed and if we wake up in the night. It combines an audible recording of invitations to deeply relax the entire body and mind. At the same time, there is a subliminal description of the truth of us to coincide with these audible messages. This is a subliminal to use when the mind is in overdrive, when there is tension and suffering. It is a good one for when we wake up anxious in the middle of the night or when we feel lacking and incapable. 

BUY NOW for £247 + VAT

FOOD - aligning hydration and nourishment to the truth of what we are

For many of us this has been a life time of struggle, a life time of trying every possible practice, diet & methodology. The suggestion is that you listen to it as soon as possible after you wake up, to begin the day with it

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Ask, Give, Receive & Heal

The aim of this subliminal recording is to activate the unlearning and learning cycle of the body mind to support healing and creation. 

A subliminal to reach into the sub-conscious mind, resonating with the deeply known truth of being and creating greater capacity for expansion and information.

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Clare Dimond
Su Bray

“The subliminals are absolutely works of art, created with such love.

I so appreciate everything that has gone in to their creation – wholly bespoke subliminal messages, with our own lives as the source material, overlayed with our own choice of nature soundtrack.

Truly amazing!

I imagine there will come a time when their work is done, when what was appearing real dissolves.

Who knows how it happens and even when, but I will treasure their creation and their mysterious workings for ever.”

Bespoke Subliminal

I was on a non-duality retreat and the teacher began by standing up and saying ‘There is absolutely no point in your being here.

It doesn’t matter if you come to any of the talks. There is nothing whatsoever to be gained. You might as well be outside or in your room.’

There is absolute honesty in this because it is true that there is nothing for the self to be gained in any of these explorations. The search for peace, freedom and joy is obscuring the peace, freedom and joy of the life we are already.


The teacher knew this – hence his words.

 The end of the seeking comes with the realisation that there is nothing to be found, that there is no seeker even.

But until there is that realisation of no self, there is suffering. Often tremendous suffering. Misunderstood suffering that sets up its own vicious circle.  Even though ‘nothing is happening to no one’, the experience of being an individual can create intense despair, depression, hopelessness, conflict and anxiety.

So how to address the suffering that comes with the insecurity of believing ourselves to be a separate individual without continuing the wild goose chase to secure that non-existent individuality? Many teachers would say we don’t need to, that it is not real, there is no one suffering and that any attempt to alleviate the suffering is only reinforcing the ego-self.

It seems to me though that there are ways – many ways – in which the realisation of true nature and, with that, a dramatic reduction in how suffering is misunderstood  – can be brought about without creating more confusion.

If you would like a recording we will send you a questionnaire for you to fill in. You don’t have to answer all the questions but the more detail you provide the more tailored Clare can make the language and content of the subliminal.

From your answers Clare will write 30-40 statements that point to the absolute and infinite truth beneath the beliefs and defences.

Using your language style, words and references, the statements are completely resonant with your experience.

Clare's background is in psychology, neuro-linguistic programming, clean language, communication and hypnotism and all of this experience and study is used in the creation of the statements so that they are absolutely direct, clean, powerful and integral.

These statements will then be layered multiple times at a subliminal level beneath an audio recording of your choice.

The recording will last an hour which you can play on repeat for as long as you wish.

BUY NOW for £397 + VAT


answers to some of the most common questions

Can I listen on the go?

Yes - the audios are downloadable so you canlisten on your chosen device.

Do I have to listen to the audio at a specific time?

The subliminals come with instructions, and we encourage you to listen at a time when there are the least distractions.  Mornings works for us - but it may be different for you.

Can I purchase all of the subliminals?

Yes, you can purchase one at a time, or you can save £71 when you purchase all 4 together.

Clare Dimond

“Clare’s live programs are excellent – and amazing value!

Based on a topic, they have enough structure to give them focus, and enough flexibility that they aren’t held tightly to that. A richness of learning comes from this.

Clare also uses fresh content every month so it’s never a stale conversation from a previous time, and she responds to the questions and needs coming up in the group.

Incredible to have such a tailored service for a group programme. ”

Wild fig Solutions

Clare Dimond

“The realization that knowing my true nature may not change a thing in my external experience was huge. Suddenly all the intense spinning of needing things to be healed or better could also ease…or not because ultimately that’s an external experience too. Strangely there is relief in knowing that the health struggles and difficult feelings could last my entire life, becuase suddenly the burden of needing to know how to fix my ‘brokeness’ can leave. I am really seeing that I am just life living. It’s pretty wild.

Thank you for your work and sharing what you’ve learned ”