Clare Dimond
Susie Englefield - Member

“I thought I'd write to say thank you for today's podcast follow up on validation from my message to you. I felt you spoke with such powerful incision on the subject that the words really broke through all logical explanation and hit home. I imagine others would have felt an impact too. I really appreciate the opportunity of this journey and I'm just going to keep going with it. Thank you again.”


Clare Dimond
Sittal Patel - Member

“Just a line to say that your podcasts are an almost daily essential for me to reset, regroup and centre myself. I loved your podcast dialogue with Dr Amy Johnson, it was such an interesting conversation; it was a delight to hear the exchange.

I can’t help thinking a conversation between yourself and Rupert Spira would be quite amazing!

Even when I’m having awful days, especially so perhaps- I am brought back a little closer to the truth. At the moment I do 10 mins of audio Bhagavad Gita and then one of your podcasts, a powerful combo! ”


Clare Dimond
Kerry O'Connor - REAL member

“Congratulations again on the podcast. You are smashing the podcast game! I love them, it’s like a little gem that turns up every day. I feel I've got so much from the podcasts Clare, even more than some courses I've been on, they really are extraordinary and so so special. What you have created, is just phenomenal.”

REAL member

Clare Dimond
Liz Phillips - REAL member

“I love all your work and have been following you for several years. I especially look forward to your daily Podcasts. Your Podcasts have always been there when I wake up in the morning. I love to start my day with your inspiring words!”

REAL member

Hello my name is Clare.

For a long time, I wasn’t at ease with who I thought I was.

I worried that people would think I was stupid.

I worried about getting things wrong.

I held myself back in case I would mess things up. I felt stressed, ill at ease, apprehensive.

I didn’t like myself or how I was in the world.

I spent many many years reading, studying, attending courses, talking to people to try to find a way to feel better about myself and along the way earned many qualifications
(BA Psych, MBA, NLP trainer, yoga teacher, master hypnotist…).

Then I came across an understanding that made it clear we are never what we think we are and the world is never what we believe it to be. That our true nature is lies in the pure aliveness of being and in the simple awareness of whatever arises.

This realisation was pure freedom. There was nothing to fix. Not with myself and not with the world. As this is realised, the stories fall away to reveal the pure intelligence of our being meeting reality.

As freedom and peace, there is a simple, easy and sane immersion in life.

Each of us is already what we are searching for. It is that simple.



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