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  • Clare Dimond

    “Clare, Let's just say I give you 7 STARS out of 5!

    Healing, transformative love. That's what I received from Clare and my Reset friends on this powerful journey. Along with that love and the continual waking up to who/what I really am (presence, love, fun, joy, ease...), my relationships, work, health, finances, habitat, and my creative expression all flourished in ways I would never have imagined. If you're ready for life to be different, this is the group for you!

    Feedback - Honestly, I'd change nothing in my experience. I liked that there was a ton of material because it kept pushing on my story of I don't have time but I did. You provided so much in this course that it went above and beyond from the 1:1 coaching you generously offered to our group calls. Truly amazing, Clare, and I am eternally grateful to you. xo”

    Screen Shot 2022-01-31 at 9.36.16 am

    Melissa Ford Coaching

Explore what is real

Have you ever found yourself saying ‘yes’ when really your whole being is saying a definite ‘no’?

Ever find yourself going silent in work or relationships or conversely talking out of discomfort and awkwardness?

Ever think there is a creativity and expression within you that is being muted in some way?

Ever struggle to ask for what you want?

Do you often find yourself annoyed over external factors that you think are impacting your life?

Do you find yourself asking questions like 'How do I stop taking things personally?' or 'How do I find more happiness and freedom?'

Are you rooted by fear or phobias, unable to move forward in your life?

What if the answer to all these questions was already within you?

Imagine knowing the true nature of thought

What we are looking for is here already. It is the search for it that obscures it. It is the idea of ourself as separate, as needing something that hides the wholeness of being that is all there is. It is this idea that is the only confusion.

There are ways – many ways – in which the realisation of true nature and, with that, a dramatic reduction in how suffering is misunderstood – can be brought about without creating more confusion. Asking the right question takes us to the freedom of the body to express its ‘dis-ease’…

The freedom to honour the current experience…

The freedom that is veiled by the limited believed idea of what we are, of what we have to do, of how we have to live and which is revealed as that idea loses its grip…

The freedom for changes to be made, ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to be said, harm to be prevented, desire and needs to be expressed…

The freedom of life aligned, expressed, balanced and nourished in that individual…

And, ultimately, the freedom to bring this about for all seven billion of us.

Because, up until then, I thought that stress and anxiety meant that I had to think more to find the solution and to change things in my life to feel OK.

I thought that I had to be a certain way to be successful and to avoid failure.

I thought that everything in life came from thinking more and working harder.

I believed it was all on my shoulders, that the buck stopped with me.

This only meant more stress, more anxiety and more worrying.

Then one day, I realised that who I am has nothing to do with the thoughts about myself.

You, like me, will realise this.

And when you do, you will see beyond the ‘you’ that you have worried about, tried to improve and protect.

Any idea of who you are will disappear as you become a channel for inspiration, for life, for awareness of the miracle of our true nature.


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From here, every aspect of life can reveal who we really are.

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Clare Dimond

“I just want to say thank you. I listen to the subliminal most days. I listen to your podcast a few times a week. I was thinking today, how strange, this woman I’ve never “met” but who has been a wonderful companion, a sane voice, a healing presence for almost a year.

I hope you feel the love that you send out into the universe.

Thank you”

Member of the REAL community

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  • Clare Dimond

    “I’ve watched two or three videos from the Real course and I already see something I hadn’t seen before. I wanted to thank you for this work. You strike me as a gentle and authentic human beingThis is a fantastic recommendation!”

  • Clare Dimond

    “Clare’s live programs are excellent – and amazing value!

    Based on a topic, they have enough structure to give them focus, and enough flexibility that they aren’t held tightly to that. A richness of learning comes from this.

    Clare also uses fresh content every month so it’s never a stale conversation from a previous time, and she responds to the questions and needs coming up in the group.

    Incredible to have such a tailored service for a group programme. ”

    helen amery


  • Clare Dimond

    “The realization that knowing my true nature may not change a thing in my external experience was huge. Suddenly all the intense spinning of needing things to be healed or better could also ease…or not because ultimately that’s an external experience too. Strangely there is relief in knowing that the health struggles and difficult feelings could last my entire life, becuase suddenly the burden of needing to know how to fix my ‘brokeness’ can leave. I am really seeing that I am just life living. It’s pretty wild.

    Thank you for your work and sharing what you’ve learned”

  • Clare Dimond

    ““I have been doing Clare’s courses for a while so when she offered Reset I knew I had to be part of it.

    To be honest I don’t think I can put into words the transformation I got from Reset.

    My whole perspective of life changed, I got a deeper understanding of non-duality and loved how practical the course was.

    I also got to connect deeply with the most amazing group and we got to share so much and learn so much from each other.

    I had the opportunity to have a few one to one calls where I could discuss or clarify anything that was in my mind and I felt really supported throughout the whole process by Clare.

    I am so grateful to have been part of it and I 100% recommend this programme to anyone who wants to get out of their 'loop of resistance’ and get more aligned to the truth of who we really are.””

    Screen Shot 2022-02-16 at 2.35.12 pm

    Finance Empowerment Coach