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Our experience of ourselves, other people and the world around us is not objective reality. Particularly when we are in heavy resistance, resentment, fear, shame and need, our lived experience is being created by the dictates of our past. 

As a result of past wounds, trauma, acquired beliefs, stresses to the system, loss and instability we live in an on-going pattern that has nothing to do with actual reality and everything to do with an accumulated conditioning of separation and lack. 

In this pattern, we can feel limited, hopeless and helpless. It can be exhausting and an on-going struggle in which the harder we try to find peace, happiness, fulfilment, love and security, the further away it seems to get.  


The only question to ever ask ourselves is -  how does this change? How does our lived experience of what we are align with the TRUTH of what we are? How do old patterns of lack, worthlessness and limitation dissolve away to reveal a mind, body system that is FLOURISHING, ABUNDANT AND JOYFUL? How do we move into the bliss of creativity, habitat and relationships that are completely in tune with our AUTHENTIC being? 

This is what we look at in our unique transformational intensive. Combining cutting edge interventions at an individual and small group (max 12) level we use exercises, challenges, conversation and observation to draw to the surface the subconscious dictators of experience and to heal the layers of wounds that have been influencing our entire lives.  

Our aim over the months of each RESET is to reveal the peace, freedom, capacity and sanity that lies beneath our personal conditioning. The results are startling.  Please contact for more information.


Summer 2024 RESET 

May to September 2024

Personal expansion and impact through the portals of

resistance and desire

As the old oxygen mask analogy says, there is zero point trying to help others before we are fully sane ourselves.

In this expanded RESET of 5 months we will first focus initially on the personal foundation.

This is fully establishing the orientation that the external reveals the internal and that all experience indicates an adjacent possible of intelligence, love, creation, learning and potential. Until this is the way of life with our relationships, work, money, body, creativity, home and community the job is not done.

We will work together to bring about healing in all aspects of life
through honesty, accountability, celebration and humbleness. This will continue through the five months.

In areas where there is personal freedom (particularly where that has been a hard won freedom through suffering ie a super power) we will move into areas in which it looks as though the world needs to change. We will do this as a meditation of expansion. We might take on causes, launch programmes, be more visible with opinions, move into debate. Every step deeper into the world is a revelation of accountability, voice, learning and wholeness.

5 month programme May to September including August project (no webinars)
15 (almost) weekly one hour webinars (May, June, July, September) 5-6pm GMT

10 x 30-40 min recorded one to one calls per participant
4 bespoke subliminals initially - 2 for resistance and 2 for desires developed via questionnaire and consultation to make sure they are really clear.

Additional subliminals can be created as resistance is moved through and as desires are fulfilled or disappear.
Buddy system
Whatsapp group


RESET Introduction / Refresh 

1st to 30th September 2023

A one month intense introduction to or refresher of the main aspects of human transformation and healing. Thirty days of personal support to orientate towards the healing and integration of individual trauma, fear, need and shame. Revealing the unique potential, voice and capacity, created by the universal truth of what we are.

This is an intensive one month on-line course for those who are new to the RESET programme or those who want a refresher from past courses. Each year the RESET programme is completely new and takes the understanding of how the experience of what we are aligns to the truth of what we are to a whole deeper level. It is a programme that has got more powerful and more cutting edge with each iteration.

The one month programme is an excellent stepping stone to the full RESET programme. (It pays for itself through the discount if you go on to join the full programme.) It will give us the opportunity to look at some of the core RESET principles such as the 3 stages, super-powers, no-brainers, adjacent and remote possible, magical reality and the control/shame dynamic in relation to our own individual lives. The one month will go by very quickly and that is OK. The aim is that it creates a foundation and orientation for the rest of our lives which can be supported consistently through the bespoke subliminals and the connections made during the course.


Spring / Summer 2023 RESET 

Begins on 1 March 2023. 

Maximum 12 per group 

6 x 30-40 minute 1 to 1 calls (recorded and shared with the group)

2 bespoke subliminal recordings to support your individual revelation

2 webinars a month (except April which is a one month interactive exercise) - 8 in total 

Webinars at 5-7pm GMT/BST on 

March 2nd, 16th, 30th (GMT switches to BST on 26th March) 

April - no webinars 

May - 4th, 18th

June - 1st, 15th, 29th

WhatsApp group for sharing through the programme 


Autumn 2023 RESET

The focus of the next RESET is entirely ‘outside in’.
It is an exploration of how the experience of reality is always the manifestation of the internal and is therefore the invitation to and the means of healing.  Enlightenment takes place in the form and it requires the experience of separation as the starting point.
We will focus on the revelation of wants and non-wants*, ’open tabs’ ie - uninvestigated beliefs, dissonance and avoidance and the ‘shadow super-power’ as the means through which experience is integrated and individual potential is set free.

Clare Dimond
Lana B Coaching - RESET member

“Clare's Reset program will take you on an exhilarating exploration of this little thing called Life. Who are we? What are we? How will knowing this change anything? Strap on your boots because you are about to take the ride of your Life. It will be confronting, frustrating, challenging, awe-inspiring, freeing, and ultimately JOYFUL. Clare has created an incredible program that is tailored to fit the needs of the group as well as you personally. I highly recommend it to anyone who is curious about exploring our true nature.”

RESET member

Clare Dimond
Charlie - RESET member

“An amazing exploration of reality, self and other. I don't think you will find this anywhere else. Grab it with both hands if you're able. Mind you, you need a soft, open, heart of vulnerability and a lion's heart of courage. It's a chance to go deep, deep inwards to explore the crevices of self, to seek out discomfort and struggle and to see what's true. A life long orientation that's not easy but essential to discover true freedom, and you may just find the 'dimond' you're looking for.”

RESET member

Clare Dimond
Es - RESET member

“With a magically ruthless combination of clarity and kindness, Clare has walked with me beyond the words, concepts, ideas, so familiar and yet seemingly remote, into experience, now expected and beautifully ordinary, of living what is true. ”

RESET member

Clare Dimond
Geraldine - RESET member

“The course opened a whole new perspective for me at a period in my life when I was really struggling. I have been in the 3 Principals conversation for a couple of years but knowing it was ‘just my thinking’ was really not helping me. I just couldn’t find any peace with the situation I was in.

A friend sent me details of the HOME course and said she thought it would be helpful. I didn’t know what non duality was. I hadn’t heard of Clare either. I reached out to Clare and she was so sympathetic to what I was going through and I took a leap of faith and signed up for the Home course. It has had an unexpectedly profound effect on me in terms of the way I view challenging situations and the perception of self. I have continued with Clare’s teaching and find it so helpful even if it has challenged many previous held beliefs of who we really are. Confronting as this is, Clare delivers her message with warmth and empathy which was so reassuring when I felt I was operating from a place of feeling broken and having to ‘fix’.

I’d highly recommend the Home course as a primer to Clare’s teachings. I’ve re-read her book ‘Real’ since the course and it resonated even more following the course. Clare’s podcast is also the perfect accompaniment to the course. I felt as if I had a friend in my corner throughout as well as the lovely private Facebook Group. ”

RESET member

Clare Dimond
Dmitri - RESET member

“My life before the RESET INTRO was that I was struggling to express myself. I wasn’t being heard, I wasn’t expressing. Anything I tried to say I was looking for validation. Not getting any likes, views, feedback would crush my sense of self worth, and I’d run hiding and keep all my expression to myself, not really knowing how to say things so others could understand or hear what I was trying to convey. What got me to say yes to the RESET INTRO was Clare’s laser focused diagnosis of what I was dealing with as I remember her saying as part of our recorded 1:1 call in the membership “you’re not expressing because you haven’t yet come to see what you are here to express”. She mentioned RESET INTRO could help me access that, I felt deep inside like she was right. Upon signing up, my world changed in the first few days of the short 30 day intensive program. Whether it was personalized subliminals, Clare’s direct guidance and no BS approach to cutting through the ego veil, I got to see where I was hiding, why I was filtering my expression, how letting my Voice speak and be with all of the insecurity that comes up just to see it made all the difference. Before the program I was trying to perfect my expression even before releasing it out to the world to get any real feedback and to learn from it. I was scared and afraid of not being liked, not being heard, and so I never even allowed myself to receive any learning. Now after the program I’m excited to express just to learn from what comes through me. I’m excited to be with the discomfort and insecurity of not being heard. I’m expressing just to express. I no longer even watch how many views or likes my posts get. I’m exploring what topics make me come alive rather than trying to guess what topics my potential audience would want to hear. I’m putting offers out just to put offers out because that is my expression. And of course I’ve got to have an embodied experience of how impersonal this life really is, how I’m not just this body or soul separate from my audience and clients but how it’s all happening all at once. Funny enough is that confirmation and validation is now starting to come in when I’m no longer so attached to it. The way to get through it all was to go directly into the discomfort of the pain I’ve struggled with for most of my life - the pain of not being heard. Now I hear myself. And I’m exploring how I would like to hear this self express going forward and continue learning from all that it brings.”

RESET member

Clare Dimond
Kathy - member

“Lovely Clare, you are amazing, not only in your understanding and ability to communicate such deep and profound truths but I don't think I have ever spoken to anyone who so really gets what it's like to have my particular form of conditioning. What is even more amazing is that I think everyone on the Reset course would say the same! You have such an amazing gift, and I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with you. The changes are profound and a new orientation for the rest of my life. In some ways, I feel I'm only just starting, but I have seen enough to know when there is insanity and when there is sanity (even when I'm operating from the former). Thank you, you brilliant woman”


Clare Dimond
Kerry - member


"Thank you so much Clare ...I can not even tell you in words how much joy my mind brings to me now...when you speak it shows me where things need to be and I watch as my mind is working things out and watching - this is beautiful And has shown me what my mind was born for...I will be once again forever grateful”


Clare Dimond
Tia - member

“Working with Clare Dimond through in-depth coaching like the RESET programs gives me an opportunity to more fully integrate the learning that it seems I can only touch lightly from course to course in the membership. If this is something where you can see a new direction in understanding your life, the pain you've experienced, and how there may be new possibilities for you, I highly recommend signing up.

Clare is a beautiful, deeply compassionate and powerful leader. Understanding and unwavering in guiding one back to truth. I'm so grateful to be on this journey with her”


Clare Dimond
Antonia - member

“Clare is a beautiful, deeply compassionate and powerful leader. Understanding and unwavering in guiding one back to truth. I'm so grateful to be on this journey with her”


Clare Dimond
Sharon Strimling - member

“One of the best courses I have EVER been in, if not the best. And ever is a long time for me....”


Clare Dimond
Rachel  - RESET member

“Clare is a masterful, focused, loving practitioner who excels in her field. I have gained so much insight, freedom and presence from working with her. It is the best thing I have ever done! I highly recommend her work. ”

RESET member

Clare Dimond
Deany - RESET member

“ If you're thinking of joining ^^^ don't dwell on it, just do it . There'll be lots of reasons why the time isn't right but the fact that it's presented itself to you now is reason enough. I've never been part of a course I've enjoyed so much or got so much out of. Clare goes above and beyond to personalise the journey and her warmth and love brings the group together beautifully . ”

RESET member

Clare Dimond
Helen Amery - Wild Fig Solutions

“Clare’s live programs are excellent – and amazing value!

Based on a topic, they have enough structure to give them focus, and enough flexibility that they aren’t held tightly to that. A richness of learning comes from this.

Clare also uses fresh content every month so it’s never a stale conversation from a previous time, and she responds to the questions and needs coming up in the group.

Incredible to have such a tailored service for a group programme. ”

Wild Fig Solutions

Hello my name is Clare.

For a long time, I wasn’t at ease with who I thought I was.

I worried that people would think I was stupid.

I worried about getting things wrong.

I held myself back in case I would mess things up. I felt stressed, ill at ease, apprehensive.

I didn’t like myself or how I was in the world.

I spent many many years reading, studying, attending courses, talking to people to try to find a way to feel better about myself and along the way earned many qualifications
(BA Psych, MBA, NLP trainer, yoga teacher, master hypnotist…).

Then I came across an understanding that made it clear we are never what we think we are and the world is never what we believe it to be. That our true nature is lies in the pure aliveness of being and in the simple awareness of whatever arises.

This realisation was pure freedom. There was nothing to fix. Not with myself and not with the world. As this is realised, the stories fall away to reveal the pure intelligence of our being meeting reality.

As freedom and peace, there is a simple, easy and sane immersion in life.

Each of us is already what we are searching for. It is that simple.



This legal disclaimer is for your protection as well as ours. It is required reading before embarking on any programme with Clare. 

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The website and all programmes are for general information only. 

Participating in an on-line course or webinar, joining the RESET or having a one-to-one conversation or email exchange with Clare Dimond is NOT a replacement for or substitute to face-to-face, in-person, qualified medical, psychological, psychiatric or legal advice, diagnosis or treatment. 

Clare is not a doctor nor a licensed psychotherapist or psychiatrist. She does not diagnose or treat disease or conditions or prescribe any kind of medication or treatment whatsoever.

If you think you are suffering from a medical or psychological disorder or condition, please consult your doctor or other appropriately qualified professional person or service immediately. You are invited to consult your doctor and/or therapist about working with Clare in order to make an educated and informed decision as to whether or not they are right for you.


Never, ever disregard professional advice or delay seeking professional advice as a result of something you have read on this site or from anything that Clare says or writes to you. She shall not be liable for claims or damages, and expressly disclaims any and all liability of any nature, for any action, or non-action, taken as a result of her work.

A session, meeting or retreat is intended and designed to be informational and exploratory about the universal principles of life. It will not provide information or guidance for your specific circumstance. 

You are fully and solely responsible for all information that you provide to Clare, for your interpretation of Clare's words and actions, and for all actions resulting from or relating to your encounter with Clare. Clare does not guarantee or warrant any particular outcome or result from your session, meeting or programme, or other kind of encounter, with her, and makes no claims as to the effectiveness of the sessions.

Using Clare's services, reading her books, engaging in her programmes, facebook community is entirely at your own risk without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including without limitation any warranty for information given, advice, or opinion. The services are requested by your own choice and with your inherent singular responsibility.

Thank you for your understanding.