Become aware of what you can’t perceive


There is an enormous amount of sensory information swirling around us that our human sense organs are not able to detect. There are clear limits to human sensory detection. Each species has its own set of limits. Bats, dogs, dolphins are living in a completely different sensory experience than ours.  ‘Reality’ is species specific.

There is also an enormous amount of information that is detected by our sense organs but which because of personal subconscious filters does not enter our consciousness. These subconscious filters are unique to each individual, evolving over our lifetimes and responding to what we expect to perceive.  ‘Reality’ is individual specific. Each of us is living in a mental world that is different from everyone else's.

Even if we can’t perceive specific sensory frequencies we can be aware that they exist. Even if we are aware of only one meaning from a specific event we can open our minds to the possibility that there are other meanings.

When we realise that there is information out there that is not currently entering our consciousness, we realise that what we ‘know’ is very far from being the sum total of what there is to know.

If we can open ourselves to the idea that there is more to know than we will ever know and that life is a journey of finding things out, we open ourselves to enormous possibilities.


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