Advertising and communication can have a hypnotic effect. They create bright, attractive, aspirational worlds that we most often encounter when we relax into the suspended reality of a magazine, film or tv programme.

If we are not careful we can float into unconscious acceptance of everything that the ad is projecting.

When we look back at archived ads we can see how racist, sexist, insulting and degrading many of them are. The cultural acceptance of disrespect to certain groups was so strong that the advertising simply reflected it.

It takes courage and clarity to see through cultural acceptance of mistreatment and to say this is unacceptable. When you see a communication that is disrespectful or misleading, make sure you protest. You will be helping to break the collective trance.

Share the communication on facebook etc

Tweat or email the company

Boycott the product

Send it to groups that monitor media portrayals eg. everdaysexism



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