Become aware of what you can’t perceive


There is an enormous amount of sensory information swirling around us that our human sense organs are not able to detect. There are clear limits to human sensory detection. Each species has its own set of limits. Bats, dogs, dolphins are living in a completely different sensory experience than ours.  ‘Reality’ is species specific.

There is also an enormous amount of information that is detected by our sense organs but which because of personal subconscious filters does not enter our consciousne…

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Choose your train carefully


A man was on a train.

He looked out of the window as the train passed through the station.

What an ugly place he thought.

The train carried on.

The surroundings were gloomy and miserable.

"I don’t like this journey at all. This isn’t where we should be going," he said to his friend.

His friend looked at him in confusion: ‘You are the driver. There is no one else. ”

Thoughts come into our consciousness. If we fuel the thought with energy and emotion, it quickly leads to another, cre…

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