Mind health

WELL - Healing


[Excerpt from the book WELL]

We could consider that all reality - of self, other, past, future, everything - is essentially a film. A film created from thought, belief, association and imagination.

And the immediate question (especially in a conversation about physical and mental health) might come ‘Well that’s all very well but I need to know how do I get into a new film?  A film in which I am healthy/happy/strong/clear-minded/loved/admired/free? A film in which I am not depressed, anxious, l…

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WELL - Mental and Physical Health


[Introduction to the book WELL]

This book must come with a warning.

It is a warning based on what people embarking on courses or conversations or books about the nature of the self can find themselves saying: 

‘I came here to feel better. But actually I feel worse: my sleep is terrible / my anxiety is increasing / I’m more depressed than ever / my physical complaint is intensifying / the suffering is worsening.’

And that, of course, looks like a failure of the course provider or author. The …

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An Invitation


[excerpt from WELL]

This is an invitation to the absolute and infinite.

Maybe you are old enough to remember a time when television was something that began and ended.

Programmes stopped at midnight. And began again at 9am the next day. And sometimes there was no television in the afternoons. When there was no television, the screen displayed the test card or lines or static.

Not only was it tightly limited in time, television was of course also limited in scope.

In the UK, for example, unt…

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Mind and Mind Management


[Excerpt from SANE]

Without an understanding of what the mind really is, mind management is just a playing out of confusion.

The self exists as a thought or belief or as a state of mind. It arises in that moment in whatever appearance it takes on. It doesn’t exist outside of that. The idea of who we are is whatever the mind is doing in that moment.

For the self to try to manage the mind creates a false separation and unfulfillable effort. Because self and mind are the same thing. A belief try…

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How Peace is Revealed

[Excerpt from HOME] 

The public speaking phobia continued through different jobs and roles. I scraped through the presentations I had to do feeling absolutely sick. 

At the same time, I continued exploring what the mind is, what reality is, what the idea of ourselves is. 

One day, I knew I was going to do a talk in my house for a small group of friends. The thought came in with dreadful inevitability. I felt sick at the idea of it and yet I knew it was going to happen. The same tensions aro…

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They are love. They are us. We are love.


[Excerpt from 'It's not you... and it's not me']



…we get to meet the other person. Well, as close as possible as it is to meet them.

The perception of them still belongs to us, the perceiver.

But with less and less projection of the innermost needs and insecurities onto them, there is now nothing pushing them away.

With less and less meaning of who they are, there are no barriers between us.

With less and less depending on their responses and feelings about us, their wor…

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Who or what is the perceiver?


[Excerpt from SANE]

The body exists in a swirling maelstrom of data. Data is gathered and transmitted through sense organs. 

The on-going assumption is that the me, the self, the ‘I’,  is the perceiver, organiser, controller and interpreter of this data. 

But what is that self exactly?  Where does it reside? What is it made of? And how does the self exist if not via the same perceptual process as everything else? 

Could it be that this self that seems so real is also just a creation of per…

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The Real Peak Experiences of Life


My son had a friend to sleep over. At 1am they woke me up saying that the friend was feeling anxious and wanted to go home. They told me this happens often on sleepovers and that he wakes up, feels frightened and the host of the sleepover drives him home or his parents come to collect him. He said, ‘I’m too anxious Clare, will you take me home?’


Sometimes I look at my image in zoom meetings and see a reflection that is so ugly I can barely look at it. The thought of people seeing this is…

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Other People


[excerpt from GAME]

Now to make The Game ultra-interesting, there are at least seven billion other games going on at the same time.

Each of these games has a main character. We’ll call these other games ‘Their Game’. The other characters are the stars of Their Game. The whole appearance of Their Game is created by their settings. Nothing to do with anyone else.

These other games might intersect with The Only Game That Matters, which is of course the Game of Self. How it looks to us. We’ll cal…

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Let’s go all the way


You know how when things get started and it’s amazing and it carries on and it is even more amazing and you’re thinking ‘keep going’ and then suddenly it stops and you’re a bit, ‘…???’

You know that?

That’s what we’re talking about today.

And we’re talking about it in relation to thought, free will and reality.

Ah. Sorry. 

If you’re still with me 😀… here’s the thing:  once we get started looking into the nature of thought and what it means about who we are, we can’t stop until we go right on…

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