Other People [excerpt from GAME]


[excerpt from GAME]

Now to make The Game ultra-interesting, there are at least seven billion other games going on at the same time.

Each of these games has a main character. We’ll call these other games ‘Their Game’. The other characters are the stars of Their Game. The whole appearance of Their Game is created by their settings. Nothing to do with anyone else.

These other games might intersect with The Only Game That Matters, which is of course the Game of Self. How it looks to us. We’ll call this ‘My Game’ in this section to make it clear.

These other characters appear in My Game.

But how they appear in My Game is entirely a function of the settings of the main character in My Game - which of course is ‘me’.

How other characters appear in My Game has nothing to do with how they appear in Their Game.

How my character appears in Their Game has nothing to do with how it appears in My Game and everything to do with the lens of Their Character.

And none of this of course has anything to do with what is actually real.

The only function of these other characters, like everything else that appears, is to increase or decrease the ‘self’ setting of the main character, ‘me’.

When the ‘self setting’ is on high - these other characters will look completely separate from the main character. They will look absolutely vital to the fulfilment of the main character’s goals or they will seem to be in direct opposition to the success of the main character. It will look like these other characters must be controlled for the character to win The Game. 

As the ‘self setting decreases’ these characters become more obviously what they are, illusory reflections of an idea of self. Separation between the main character and other characters starts to look ridiculous.

The Game thins to such an extent that all apparent interaction becomes obviously only what it has always been, love talking to itself.


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