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What is the REAL Membership?

For those who want to submerge themselves in an exploration of reality…we’ll help you create your own path to deepen your understanding of your true self.

As soon as you sign up, you will have access to the current live course and in addition, you’ll be given one REAL Credit. Take a look at all of the courses on offer – each course requires one Credit and as you finish each course, you’ll be given a new Credit to spend on whichever one you’d like to do next. You will have access to all the live courses for the duration of your membership.

Most courses take around 4-6 weeks to complete. Once unlocked, each course is yours to re-visit whenever you like as long as you’re a member.

From here, every aspect of life can reveal who we really are.

The membership covers topics from apparent limitations of money, creativity and earnings, through to how, when stress is understood, it is the gateway to freedom, health, creative exansion and possibility.

Imagine each day no longer being a battle.  The 3am thinking, the internal dialogue of anxiety, the constant doubting of yourself. Gone.

Imagine approaching each day with new eyes, a clear mind and an understanding that allows you to see yourself for what you truly are?


The membership gives you the opportunity to work through the courses one at a time so that you are not overwhelmed - to absorb the material and revisit it time and time again if you need or want to. 

Each time we look at the same thing, there is the chance to see something new, or something different.

There are ten recorded conversations available on each live course on a first come / first served basis. They are a recorded one to one conversation which is shared with the other members of the course. They can be about any topic that is relevant to the subject of the course.

A Message from Clare

2023 Live Programme

New live courses, webinars, workshops and subliminal recordings rolled out through the year. 

[May - 31 Day Course - click here for details]

The key to mental and physical health.

[Wed 7th June 7pm - click here for details]

A two hour workshop looking at freedom and food. How do our eating patterns support the flourishing of the physical?

[July - 31 Day Course - click here for details]

How relationships can become the genuine source of love, freedom, support and belonging.

[August - click here for details]

A deep relaxation audio recording for before bed and if we wake up in the night.

[September - 30 Day Course]

Over 30 days we will explore how individual purpose becomes hidden and how it is unveiled.

[October - Speaking your truth]

A two hour webinar on honesty, authenticity and taking a stand.  How do your words become stronger and more impactful? 

[November - 30 Day Course]

This 30 day course is an interactive workshop style programme with exercises and discussion to explore the real truth about financial abundance.

[December - Members only bonus]

Included in the membership...

You get a credit to 'spend' on whatever course speaks to you, and when you finish that course you get a new credit to use on the next course.

The ultimate exploration into 'practical spirituality'.

Getting real with transformation, influence and integrity.

Getting real with purpose, learning and unique expression.

Getting real with honesty, intelligence and creation.

Look at who and what you actually are through ten topics.

Getting real with challenge.

Getting real with time, energy, money and connection.

Getting Real with mental and physical health.

Getting real with fear, anxiety, phobis and stress.

Engaging with what is real

Getting real with genuine relaxation and effortless effort.

A 5 day mini course

A webinar for current or future coaches, teachers, employers and parents.

[30 day]
Getting real with other people.

A universal subliminal recording.

[30 day]
Getting real with learning and fun

A 2 hour workshop for writers and those who would like to write more.

[30 Day]
Getting real with desire, passion and fulfilment

Exploring 4 limiting circles and 4 freedom circles and how we move between them

A subliminal recording to support freedom from limiting conditioning and alignment to your truth
5 audible sounds
Exploring the interaction with other people and how we impact and influence each other

In this, we looked at different mental health and spiritual approaches eg. non-duality, 3Ps, psychology, CBT, NLP, hypnosis, psycho-therapy, body work, meditation etc to see the role they play (or the obstacle they represent) in aligning experience with reality. 


When you join the REAL membership, we know that every person has their own unique journey through this understanding to navigate.

So rather than me telling you which course to take next inside the members portal, let your own wisdom be your guide.

When you join, you’ll be automatically given a REAL membership Credit. You can then navigate to your dashboard and select the course you’d like to do. In addition to your chosen course, you will automatically get access to the live courses.

Once you’ve chosen, simply ‘buy’ that course with your credit and you’ll get started with the first video on the following Monday.

A couple of hours after you complete that course, you’ll be sent an email letting you know you have a new Credit and to choose your next course.

Your Credit sits in your account for as long as you’re a member of REAL.

Want to take a couple of weeks off? No problem, just ‘spend’ it when you want to re-engage again.

Once you’ve unlocked that course, you’ll have access to all the materials contained in it for as long as you’re a member of REAL so you can revisit it whenever you like.

The idea is that you build up a library of valuable resources – and after fresh insights, it can be great fun to go back over a course you’ve previously done and see how it all looks different now!

Courses that just keep giving!

1. As the REAL community is ever expanding, we simply don’t have the resources to swap people from course to course. There’s a huge amount of tech and automatations that run in the background so that the program can work in this way and trying to ‘un-do’ them causes us a huge a amount of work!

2. Something made you pick that particular course in the first place. Trust THAT rather than your doubtful second-guessing personal thinking that thinks you might have chosen the wrong one. You haven’t. And when you complete the course, you’ll get to find out why you picked it!

No problem, just email and a member of the team will be able to help you.

Clare Dimond
Lorna Davis - member

“I loved this course- it helped me to see that it is NEVER anyone else and in fact, it is never 'me' that causes pain- it's the old, outdated structure of me/them.... just knowing that has shifted everything.”


Clare Dimond
Lori Pulliman - member

“Hi Clare, I don’t have a question, but just finished Home and felt moved to let you know what a difference you’ve made in my life. I follow your podcast and watch your videos as well as read your books. I’m so happy to have discovered your work. Just wanted to send love and express gratitude for all you do!”


Clare Dimond
Nina - member

“I don’t fully understand what has happened but life looks so different now and I have no doubt that the trajectory of my life is going to change as a result of this intense 2 months on the Home course. I will keep you in the loop as more is revealed.

When I came across The Three Principles, I knew that it is what I had been searching for, yet for some reason I was not able tot stop looking for ‘something more’ that I couldn’t explain but knew I needed to find.

I have spent the past 7/8 years looking into and at all sorts of weird and wonderful things, and finally I feel I don’t need to look any further.
Now it is time to move on from searching for more, to seeing more.

I am very excited and looking forward to being able to relax more into life and be in it rather than trying to understand it.

You are such a gentle loving taskmaster pushing us to see the truth no matter how much we resist it. Thank you so very much for your dedication to the Truth and for all you gave to this course.

With all my love”


Clare Dimond
Kerry - member


"Thank you so much Clare ...I can not even tell you in words how much joy my mind brings to me now...when you speak it shows me where things need to be and I watch as my mind is working things out and watching - this is beautiful And has shown me what my mind was born for...I will be once again forever grateful 🥲"”


Clare Dimond
Catherine Pearson - member

“Clare is the only coach I have come across who specifically breaks down non-dual teachings into a practical format for day to day problems and life. Her description of trauma based belief and its impact is revelatory. Her understanding, too, of the wheel of re-traumatisation, often through generations, continuing to drive behaviours/avoidances, etc is so, so helpful.

Clare's compassion is pervasive and when she reveals that these wheels are based on accepted belief only, the magic of self acceptance, with nothing to fix and no-one to change or control (as they can only ever be seen through the conditioning we have acquired) can begin to take hold and true nature can be glimpsed. This is a teacher with her finger on the pulse of what is true- for us all ”


Our monthly £97 membership is inclusive of VAT

Satisfaction Guarantee

When joining the membership, if you complete the first LIVE course in FULL, (which means attending the webinars/watching the recordings, and completing each module of the course) and you feel after full participation that the membership is not for you, then please email within 3 working days of the first live course ending to request your refund.

Clare Dimond
Helen Amery - Wild Fig Solutions

“Clare’s live programs are excellent – and amazing value!

Based on a topic, they have enough structure to give them focus, and enough flexibility that they aren’t held tightly to that. A richness of learning comes from this.

Clare also uses fresh content every month so it’s never a stale conversation from a previous time, and she responds to the questions and needs coming up in the group.

Incredible to have such a tailored service for a group programme. ”

Wild Fig Solutions

Clare Dimond
Krissy Groom

“The realization that knowing my true nature may not change a thing in my external experience was huge. Suddenly all the intense spinning of needing things to be healed or better could also ease…or not because ultimately that’s an external experience too.

Strangely there is relief in knowing that the health struggles and difficult feelings could last my entire life, becuase suddenly the burden of needing to know how to fix my ‘brokeness’ can leave. I am really seeing that I am just life living. It’s pretty wild.

Thank you for your work and sharing what you’ve learned”

Hello my name is Clare.

For a long time, I wasn’t at ease with who I thought I was.

I worried that people would think I was stupid.

I worried about getting things wrong.

I held myself back in case I would mess things up. I felt stressed, ill at ease, apprehensive.

I didn’t like myself or how I was in the world.

I spent many many years reading, studying, attending courses, talking to people to try to find a way to feel better about myself and along the way earned many qualifications
(BA Psych, MBA, NLP trainer, yoga teacher, master hypnotist…).

Then I came across an understanding that made it clear we are never what we think we are and the world is never what we believe it to be. That our true nature is lies in the pure aliveness of being and in the simple awareness of whatever arises.

This realisation was pure freedom. There was nothing to fix. Not with myself and not with the world. As this is realised, the stories fall away to reveal the pure intelligence of our being meeting reality.

As freedom and peace, there is a simple, easy and sane immersion in life.

Each of us is already what we are searching for. It is that simple.



Answers to some of the most common questions

How long do I have to stay in the membership?

The Membership gives you access to all courses and materials while you are a member. You can cancel at any time but won't be able to join again until it reopens. 

Is there a requirement to join the Facebook group?

No, but it is such a loving and vibrant community, that I suggest you give it a try :) 

Does this come with support from Clare?

The membership plan gives access to the REAL Facebook group where you can ask any question and Clare and/or other members of the community will respond very quickly. The live courses give you an opportunity to have a recorded conversation with Clare that are shared with the course members, and you get access to the live webinars.  LITE members will be able to purchase private study courses, while FULL members get all LIVE courses included for as long as they are a member.

Clare is no longer taking on private one to one clients but if you are interested in taking part in a small group programme please contact her for details of RESET. 

Are live courses included?

YES! They are free for full members. Anyone who is not a member can buy them at the advertised price. 

I've completed some of these courses, can I have a different arrangement?

The beauty of the membership is that new content will be added – so even if you have done some of the courses before, you can complete the other courses and then move onto the different content as it’s added.

The membership gives access to a wide range of courses and is cheaper than paying for single private study courses going forward.


This legal disclaimer is for your protection as well as ours. It is required reading before embarking on any programme with Clare. 

By purchasing or attending any activity with Clare, you acknowledge that you have read, comprehended and fully agreed with the following disclaimer.

The website and all programmes are for general information only. 

Participating in an on-line course or webinar, joining the RESET or having a one-to-one conversation or email exchange with Clare Dimond is NOT a replacement for or substitute to face-to-face, in-person, qualified medical, psychological, psychiatric or legal advice, diagnosis or treatment. 

Clare is not a doctor nor a licensed psychotherapist or psychiatrist. She does not diagnose or treat disease or conditions or prescribe any kind of medication or treatment whatsoever.

If you think you are suffering from a medical or psychological disorder or condition, please consult your doctor or other appropriately qualified professional person or service immediately. You are invited to consult your doctor and/or therapist about working with Clare in order to make an educated and informed decision as to whether or not they are right for you.


Never, ever disregard professional advice or delay seeking professional advice as a result of something you have read on this site or from anything that Clare says or writes to you. She shall not be liable for claims or damages, and expressly disclaims any and all liability of any nature, for any action, or non-action, taken as a result of her work.

A session, meeting or retreat is intended and designed to be informational and exploratory about the universal principles of life. It will not provide information or guidance for your specific circumstance. 

You are fully and solely responsible for all information that you provide to Clare, for your interpretation of Clare's words and actions, and for all actions resulting from or relating to your encounter with Clare. Clare does not guarantee or warrant any particular outcome or result from your session, meeting or programme, or other kind of encounter, with her, and makes no claims as to the effectiveness of the sessions.

Using Clare's services, reading her books, engaging in her programmes, facebook community is entirely at your own risk without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including without limitation any warranty for information given, advice, or opinion. The services are requested by your own choice and with your inherent singular responsibility.

Thank you for your understanding.