If you’re searching for truth, awareness, peace and love for yourself and the world around you, then look no further…

REAL MEMBERSHIP: Join our community exploration that will reveal the REAL version of yourself, opening up freedom, stability and infinite possibilities.

The REAL membership is not like 99% of other programs that you will come across.

Other programs only scratch the surface level. 

This membership takes you deeper into the truths behind healing the inner child and negative conditioning that has become cemented in our subconscious. 

It’s an opportunity to uncover the truth of you - the real, unchanging you - within one of the safest, truest and most supportive communities I have ever come across…

… And that is when you can be fully open to the freedom, stability and calmness in your life, paving the way for infinite possibilities.

How will the REAL Membership help me?

The REAL Membership is designed for you to create your own unique pathway to healing.

Any fears, shame or insecurities you feel have all been created by a perceived reality and years of conditioning where we end up projecting a certain version of ourselves to the world.

But imagine each becoming an invitation to truth.  

Imagine all moments of suffering being welcomed for what they really are - invitations to peace, freedom and authenticity.

The 3 am thinking and internal dialogue of anxiety and doubt being understood for what it is - a revelation of what the mind creates. 

Waking up aware that every moment of the day will be a doorway to freedom, compassion, peace and bliss.

Realising more and more the super-human power of the mind as it returns to reality. 

Creation, expression, honesty and love flowing more powerfully as mind, body and experience align to the truth.

Being part of this membership will enable you to do that and so much more.

It covers topics from apparent limitations of money, creativity and earnings, to how, when stress is understood, it is the gateway to freedom, health, creative expansion and possibility.

All the courses within the membership are designed to help you find truth, consciousness, awareness, intelligence, aliveness, beingness, peace and love.

Live Courses & Coaching

Experience the intensity of Clare’s live courses every other month. Includes a new module every 2-3 days with a video from Clare, plus a live call every week through the duration of the course. There is an opportunity to get 1-1 access with Clare with her extremely popular recorded conversations (but spaces are limited). Courses are complemented by several subliminal recordings to help you.

Portal Back Catalogue

Access a huge range of incredible courses worth £1000s. Design your own pathway to healing by selecting courses that suit your needs. There are a large number of subliminal recordings (each worth £97) you can access there to help your continued understanding & support.

Supportive Community

Be part of a 100% loving space, full of amazing people, guided by Clare, in which to look at all the areas where you feel most vulnerable, in total safety. Feel seen, heard and supported at every step of your reality unveiling journey.

Clare’s message to you

How does the REAL Membership work?

As soon as you sign up, you will have access to the current live course which includes new modules of learning, live calls, subliminal recordings and the opportunity for 1-1 coaching with Clare.

In addition to the live course, you’ll also be given one REAL Credit. 

Your REAL credits enable you to unlock past courses to design your own bespoke pathway of healing letting your wisdom be your guide.

Once you have finished a course, another REAL credit will be sent to you to unlock the next step on your journey. Most courses take around 4-6 weeks to complete. Once unlocked, the course is yours to re-visit whenever you like as long as you remain a member. 

The membership allows you to work through the courses one at a time so that you are not overwhelmed - to absorb the material and revisit it time and time again if you need or want to. 

From here, every aspect of life can reveal who we really are.

Explore the courses


LIVE COURSE FOR 2024: The Year of Magical Reality

Together we'll examine resources in our lives that feel depleted or inaccessible because we misunderstand what we are. Discover what becomes revealed and clear to us once we settle into the truth about ourselves in both mind and body.

Sessions will explore:

Your energy

Your time

Your attention

Your compassion

Your capacity

Your will and intention

And so much more.


Your experience of being is aligned with the truth of you. If you want to create an integrated wholeness then this could be the community you’ve been looking for…

Join the Monthly Membership at Only £97 (per Month)

Don’t Forget That Included in the Membership Is:

  • Access to the LIVE Course Material Including Learning Modules, Live Calls and 1-1 Coaching.

  • Access to an Incredible Range of Audio and Visual Learnings with Our Portal's past Courses.

  • Safety and Support through Our Warm Community Facebook Group.

Clare Dimond - REAL Membership - Testimonials(3)
Clare Dimond - REAL Membership - Testimonials(2)

Hello, my name is Clare. I am an NLP trainer, BA Psych, MBA, yoga teacher, master hypnotist and your supportive guide throughout your time in the REAL membership. 

Your experience and transformation within the membership is wholly down to you, how open you are willing to allow your mind and the work you want to put into the courses. 

What I can promise you is that I will do everything I can to make the unveiling of your truth as safe, liberating and fun as it can be.

For a long time, I wasn’t at ease with who I thought I was.

I worried that people would think I was stupid.

I worried about getting things wrong.

I held myself back in case I messed things up. I felt stressed, ill at ease, apprehensive.

I didn’t like myself or how I was in the world.

I spent many many years reading, studying, attending courses and talking to people to try to find a way to feel better about myself.

Then I came across an understanding that made it clear we are never what we think we are and the world is never what we believe it to be. 

That our true nature lies in the pure aliveness of being and in the simple awareness of whatever arises.

This realisation was pure freedom. 

There was nothing to fix. Not with myself and not with the world. As this is realised, the narratives of lack and self-blame begin to fall away, revealing the pure intelligence of our “being”.

Each of us is already what we are searching for. 

It is that simple.

Let me show you how.

Clare Dimond - REAL Membership - Testimonials(1)

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

If you change your mind within the first 30 days, simply email support@claredimond.com within 30 days of purchase and we will refund you, no questions asked.

The feedback we have from the membership is phenominal, so we're pretty sure you'll love it, but just in case, you have our no-quibble money back guarantee.


How long do I have to stay in the membership?

The Membership gives you access to  courses and materials while you are a member. You can cancel at any time but won't be able to join again until it reopens. 

Is there a requirement to join the Facebook group?

No, but it is such a loving and vibrant community, that I suggest you give it a try :)

Are live courses included?

YES they are!

How do the 'credits' work?

When you join the membership you get a 'credit to spend.  This can be redeemed agianst any course in the back catalogue.  Once you have finished the course, a new credit will be issued so you can pick a new course.  This stops the overwhelm as there is a lot of content in the portal and ensures you can focus on one course at a time. This is in addition to the LIVE course that take place, and you will be granted access to the LIVE courses automatically as they happen.

What LIVE courses are coming up in 2024?

Here's what's coming up:

Jan - 30 Day live programme ENERGY


Mar - 30 day live programme TIME


May - 30 day live programme ATTENTION


Jul - 30 day live programme COMPASSION


Sept - 30 day live programme CAPACITY


Nov - 30 day live programme WILL AND INTENTION


Does this come with support from Clare?

The membership plan gives access to the REAL Facebook group where you can ask any question and Clare and/or other members of the community will respond very quickly. The live courses give you an opportunity to have a recorded conversation with Clare that are shared with the course members, and you get access to the live webinars. 

Clare is no longer taking on private one to one clients but if you are interested in taking part in a small group programme please contact us for details of RESET as support@claredimond.com

I've completed some of these courses, can I have a different arrangement?

The beauty of the membership is that new content will be added – so even if you have done some of the courses before, you can complete the other courses and then move onto the different content as it’s added.

The membership gives access to a wide range of courses and is cheaper than paying for single private study courses going forward.