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Would you like to unveil lightness, ease and fun in your daily life? 

Join us for a month exploring how the world can be seen as it is rather than through a veil of conditioning and how all actions can come from freedom and authenticity.

As the mind and body relate more and more to actual reality the true lightness of being is revealed.

This means that even though, outwardly, our circumstances might seem the same, our relationship with them and who we know ourselves to be is utterly transformed. 

In September we have our 30 day course 'PLAY: getting real in a world of actions and objects'. We will be exploring what it is that allows our daily life to become lighter, more easy and more fun. 

Anyone joining us will be immersed in a deep exploration of our behaviour, motivation and purpose. We will look at the world of objects as well - exploring how perception of these changes as the mind body system becomes increasingly grounded in reality.

This is a course for anyone who:

  • feels lethargic, depressed, demotivated and uninspired 
  • feels anxious, tense, stressed and worried
  • would like to understand more about their behaviour and their relationship to people, circumstances and things 
  • helps other people with their motivation, habits, addictions, relationships and behaviour 

We will look at the huge topics of: 

  • motivation and purpose
  • projection and protection
  • free will and freedom
  • survival and enlightenment

The transformation available is that all actions, words, habits and interactions will stop being an attempt to secure the idea of ourselves and will become an expression of aliveness, love, joy and wholeness

Over the 30 days, we will explore what it is that makes the world sometimes seem 

  • complicated
  • inaccessible
  • exhausting
  • stressful
  • dangerous
And how our interaction with other people, with concepts, objects, tasks, jobs and the world in general can become more: 

  • intimate
  • fun
  • easy
  • sane
  • open
  • expansive

In 'PLAY: getting real in a world of actions and objects' we will be exploring what it is that allows our daily life to become lighter, more easy and more fun. 

What you get: 

  • 1st -30th September 2022
  • Podcasts to accompany the course
  • REAL Facebook group
  • 10 one to one recorded conversation slots available
  • Unique recordings every 3 days
  • 4 webinars (5th, 12th, 19th, 26th September)

A Message from Clare

Clare Dimond
Geraldine - member

“The course opened a whole new perspective for me at a period in my life when I was really struggling. I have been in the 3 Principals conversation for a couple of years but knowing it was ‘just my thinking’ was really not helping me. I just couldn’t find any peace with the situation I was in. A friend sent me details of the HOME course and said she thought it would be helpful. I didn’t know what non duality was. I hadn’t heard of Clare either. I reached out to Clare and she was so sympathetic to what I was going through and I took a leap of faith and signed up for the Home course. It has had an unexpectedly profound effect on me in terms of the way I view challenging situations and the perception of self. I have continued with Clare’s teaching and find it so helpful even if it has challenged many previous held beliefs of who we really are. Confronting as this is, Clare delivers her message with warmth and empathy which was so reassuring when I felt I was operating from a place of feeling broken and having to ‘fix’. I’d highly recommend the Home course as a primer to Clare’s teachings. I’ve re-read her book ‘Real’ since the course and it resonated even more following the course. Clare’s podcast is also the perfect accompaniment to the course. I felt as if I had a friend in my corner throughout as well as the lovely private Facebook Group. ”


Clare Dimond
Stacey - member

“The HOME course really felt like a game changer to me. It was the first course I participated in having listened to Clare's Podcast for a while. Now I'm finding that I'm really navigating my days in the spirit of enquiry as opposed to trying to get somewhere. Every experience and interaction is revealing something new. Life really does feel like an exploration now. It's impossible to articulate the shift. I can't ever really know, but it seems that the subliminals have played a huge role in this. The one to one conversations were so beautiful, every single one contained something I could relate to. So helpful. Being a part of the FB group has meant I can get feedback on the things that are coming up for me in my day to day life. ”


Clare Dimond
Charlie - member

“Clare's teachings are so profound and different to what most other people are teaching- certainly in the arena of traditional mental health- that this work has the potential for enormous change. The experience of life and what's changed since following Clare has been subtle but at the same time expansive. To the outside nothing looks different, but life is different. Life flows better. Relationships improve. Opportunities are seen and grabbed more of the time. A deeper peace (mostly) pervades. A lightness. A joy (more of the time than before). There's less fear. And very small day-to-day things change as if by magic. It makes this mind-body feel different, more expansive and free. Life is far from perfect of course, and there are still ups and down to traverse, but life has definitely improved since starting with Clare's courses, particularly HOME. And Clare is so lovely, kind, compassionate and knowledgeable. It's a pleasure to listen to her.”


Pricing options

you can purchase the course as a one of for £247 + VAT, or you can get this course included as part of the membership, which makes this the best value option and incredible value.

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answers to some of the most common questions

What if I can't make one of the webinars?

Don't worry. Each webinar recording is uploaded into the portal for you to view at your leisure!

Do I have to join the facebook group?

No, but it is such a loving and vibrant community, that I suggest you give it a try :)

What's the difference between the membership and the REST course?

The membership is detailed here. It gives you access to all live courses while you are a member, including this one - and gives the best value for money.  Or you can choose to purchase this course on it's own.


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