Five months to strengthen the foundation for the rest of our lives:
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What is RESET?

Support and guidance in allowing, owning and moving beyond personal identification with fear, shame and insecurity to a life of increasing intimacy, integrity, alignment and ease of expression.


Small group work to support each member in seeing individually what life experience and resistance to life experiences is personally revealing.

Learning from the experiences of others in the group

Careful and loving guidance out of identification, projection and protection to the mental health, healing and alignment of : ’no-self accountability’, authentic expression and ‘spiritual maturity’

Understanding of the factors that enable the individual ‘system’ to flourish and thrive without these factors becoming limitations

On-going encouragement and support to identify and actively explore challenging areas of life in order to shift from concept to reality and from self defence to enquiry.

Individual homework, projects and exercises to encourage enquiry and expansion.


  • Clare Dimond

    “Clare, Let's just say I give you 7 STARS out of 5!
    Healing, transformative love. That's what I received from Clare and my Reset friends on this powerful journey. Along with that love and the continual waking up to who/what I really am (presence, love, fun, joy, ease...), my relationships, work, health, finances, habitat, and my creative expression all flourished in ways I would never have imagined. If you're ready for life to be different, this is the group for you!

    Feedback - Honestly, I'd change nothing in my experience. I liked that there was a ton of material because it kept pushing on my story of I don't have time but I did. You provided so much in this course that it went above and beyond from the 1:1 coaching you generously offered to our group calls. Truly amazing, Clare, and I am eternally grateful to you. xo”

    Melissa Ford Coaching

  • Clare Dimond

    “I began Clare’s RESET already aware that it was going to be something a bit different, and something for me and not for my clients. I felt reluctant at first, like stepping into a dark cave without a flashlight, or like getting into a driverless vehicle that had eerily pulled up in front of me, having no clue to where it was heading. Yet, pretty sure it was going to someplace good… eventually!

    On our first ‘kick off’ day apprehension and vulnerability bubbled up, my armour was gleaming and firmly intact as I walked into Clare’s beautiful home. But I instantly knew that I was in the right place..this lady was something special, yet mysteriously ordinary and instantly felt like a best friend. Not the unobtainable special, like a movie star or guru that you kind of worship from afar.

    She was to become so much more than that.

    Then of course there were my ‘classmates.’ I have been in many group training/coaching programmes over the last few years, but not one like this. It’s as though Clare had ingeniously plucked us all from a branch, brought us together to be baked in the most aromatic and delicious pie ever.

    These women have become more than just good friends. I’m imagining this is what might happen when a group of people are all thrown together in someplace like Guantanamo Bay, or stranded on a deserted island!

    We got down in the dirt, worked together, showed up, leaned in and learned from each other. We came to love each other, cherish and respect each other. I felt their strength and tenacity as we helped guide each other through thick and thin.

    Together we swore, wept, laughed, swore more, cursed, had huge insights, small insights, yelled, resisted, relaxed, withdrew and swore even more. Anything was ok to say and everything was brought to the table free from judgement or questioning. All welcomed, heard, loved.

    The ‘me’ I had identified with for almost my entire life was shedding a protective skin well past it’s expiry date.

    As I sit typing these words, warm tears of liberation and joy run down my cheeks. RESET was extraordinarily awesome and MASSIVE!

    Clare is a beautiful person inside and out and I am lucky to have her as my teacher and my friend. Her compassion, love and honesty never wavered, she showed up with grace and strength for each one of us, holding us separately and collectively as a group. She remained ‘lovingly disruptive’ throughout our 4 months together, her steady persistence continuously guiding us back towards home.

    I would without any doubt recommend this RESET intensive to anyone who is curious and ready to stop searching to fix themselves or the world, but through a deeper loving inquiry and exploration see who they are not and reveal who they truly are. In other words, get to the bottom of the pockets and see that they were in fact, empty all along!”

Webinar: Reset

What's included

Here's what to expect from RESET

Enquiry Lab

A, ‘enquiry lab’ on first Thursday of May (5th), June (2nd), July (7th), Sept (1st) from 3-7pm BST joining either live (in Clare's caravan in Mudeford, or in Marlborough) or on zoom to talk through the theme, key areas for consideration and key activities for the month

Group Calls

A two hour group call led by Clare on the 3rd Thursday of each month from 7-9pm BST - May (19th), June (16th), July (21st), with two group calls in Sept (15th and 29th).

Volunteer led calls

Option for calls on other Thursdays (participants only, without Clare) with a volunteer leader from the group for each call


A new buddy pair introduced each month (with option of course to maintain existing buddy pairs alongside)


A recorded one to one call each month for each participant with personal actions and ‘homework’

Bespoke Subliminal

Three bespoke personal subliminal recordings delivered before end July to individually shift: personal fear into expansion, personal shame into sanity and personal need into presence

Bonus for all participants

REAL membership programme included from month of sign up to RESET until end of 2022 - access to current and all subsequent LIVE courses during 2022 and all past courses (worth £67 a month, £804 if paid monthly for the year) - if you have already paid your membership, this can be deducted off the price of RESET - email


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answers to some of the most common questions

What if I can't make one of the webinars?

Don't worry. Each webinar recording is uploaded into the portal for you to view at your leisure!

Do I have to join the facebook group?

No, but it is such a loving and vibrant community, that I suggest you give it a try :)

  • Clare Dimond

    “I’ve been thinking about feedback on RESET. I don’t know that I have anything really constructive to say about changes because I love the changes you made (no Sundays, and a month away to metabolize everything; that is brilliant!)

    When I signed up for RESET I was looking for a community in which to examine, explore, and create—and to do it all with gusto, a spirit of fun and a shared intimacy. I also was seeking a group where we could play off each other, motivate each other, have a bit of: “I did this!” “Oh, cool… hey, I’m going to try a version of that too!”

    I hadn’t expected the beauty of relentlessly staring down the conditioning in various areas of life, and seeing how being out in the world of form, again and again, would break down some self-perpetuated habits, behaviors, beliefs. I feel like I broke open into a freedom of expression that I can continue to expand on by using the tools and practices form RESET.

    It was life changing, life affirming, a lot of fun, everything I had hoped for, and much, much more. Probably one of the most profoundly transformative, creative and productive group experiences of my life.

    Thank you! Hope this helps and if you want to edit or wordsmith anything, go for it.”

  • Clare Dimond

    “I have been doing Clare’s courses for a while so when she offered Reset I knew I had to be part of it.

    To be honest I don’t think I can put into words the transformation I got from Reset.

    My whole perspective of life changed, I got a deeper understanding of non-duality and loved how practical the course was.

    I also got to connect deeply with the most amazing group and we got to share so much and learn so much from each other.

    I had the opportunity to have a few one to one calls where I could discuss or clarify anything that was in my mind and I felt really supported throughout the whole process by Clare.

    I am so grateful to have been part of it and I 100% recommend this programme to anyone who wants to get out of their 'loop of resistance’ and get more aligned to the truth of who we really are.”

    Finance Empowerment Coach